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Alternative Programs for First Offense Drug Possession Charges

by Matthew Marin on 08/29/14

Just this morning I met with a potential new Client facing very serioius charges of first offense possession of crack cocaine.  Oftentimes in new client interviews, I spend a good deal of time and energy explaining the alternative sentencing options that are available to those facing first offense drug possession charges (also called first offense possession of a controlled substance charges).  These are programs that the typical first offender will have never heard of or even knew existed.

Unfortunately, the programs for first time drug offenders are not widely discussed or recommended in the Court system and typically the process needs to be initiated by the lawyer.  Even more unfortunate, many attorneys are likewise unaware of the alternative sentencing programs available to first time drug offenders and their clients end up with felony criminal records due to their unfamiliarity with these sentencing programs.

Just recently, one of our Client's successfully completed the Adult Diversion Program and her felony drug charges were dismissed and expunged from her record.  She left us a glowing review on our legal profile on which can be found HERE.

Some of the possible alternative sentences available to first time felony drug offenders in Rhode Island include:

  • Adult Diversion Program
  • Adult Drug Court Program
  • Deferred Sentence Agreements

If you are facing a first offense felony possession of a controlled substance charge in Rhode Island, contact Attorney Matthew Marin for experienced legal advice and counsel.  We are available 24/7 by phone at 401-228-8271, by email at, or by completing our Drug Case Evaluation Form.

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